Persuasive  Thinking

We all have opinions — and a lot of us like to share them!

Politics, social issues, ethics, religion and more — people love to share their point of view, whether in the professional media or in countless blogs, tweets and comment streams published online every day.

But let's be honest... not all of it's productive

Many of the ways we choose to express our views often do more to amplify conflict than to create insight or solve problems. Exaggeration, hidden assumptions, cherry-picked data, personal attacks — these are just some of the many dysfunctions that undermine the way we communicate.

We think there's a better way — and we want you to be part of the solution.

We believe it's important to share opinions in a way that focuses clearly on ideas rather than how we feel about the people who hold them, and to be systematic in the way we evaluate different points of view. You don't have to have all the answers to contribute — just a willingness to think, listen and ask questions.

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Our goal is to help people develop more robust opinions about the issues they care about and to engage with others without the personal antagonism that infuses so much contemporary public debate. We're not quite ready to open the doors to the whole world, but we do need people to help us test what we have so far and let us know how we're doing.
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